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The Adam Morgan Foundation is dedicated to creating inclusive opportunities for neurodiverse individuals and/or other co-occurring conditions within all aspects of their lives through education, awareness, access to communication preferences, and technology.

AMF provides individualized support and services for all ages and disabilities. Our focus is on the beliefs, values, and attitudes of all team members. We help build a collaborative team led by individuals with a disability. Success is measured by having high expectations, believing in the individual, having a positive attitude, and valuing the individual’s contributions and strengths.

The intent of the "Apple A Day" program is to provide technology, such as iPads, to individuals with a disability. The utilization of an iPad has allowed some children/adults who have never even spoken a complete sentence before to have authentic conversations with others. Our efforts are to create a voice, where one did not exist. In today’s world, if you don’t have access to technology, you are limiting yourself in all aspects of life. For those without a disability, technology makes life easier; for those with a disability, technology makes life possible!